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Jaswill Plains

One Touch Automatic Wine Opener | Electric Corkscrew

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What you will get:

  • ONE-TOUCH CONTROL - Quickly and easily open your bottle of wine with our automatic wine opener. Thanks to smart one-touch functionality, the automatic electric wine opener makes cork removal a quick job without damage or stuck corks in a matter of seconds. Foil cutter included. 


  • RECHARGEABLE – The electric wine opener can continuously open up to 80 bottles after one full single charge. One full charge takes 2 hours - USB charging cable included.  Batteries are included in the packaging.


  • LED INDICATORS - The electric wine opener/corkscrew automatically illuminates while in use.
    • Blue - Full power
    • Green – Indicates running power.
    • Red - Low Battery


What does it  mean, one touch? 

The opener removes wine bottle corks at the touch of a button! This takes 6 - 8 seconds.