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Jaswill Plains

Portable Lotus Style Smokeless Charcoal BBQ Grill

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This neat all year round compact portable charcoal BBQ by Jaswill Plains is the ultimate must have. Perfect for those with small outdoor space or balconies. Weighing under 4kg, bring it along to your camping trip, picnic or festival in an easy to transport bag included in your purchase. The BBQ holds 250g of charcoal that provides 40 – 60 mins of high heat cooking time.


Specification Detail
  • Cooking Grid – Diameter 35cm
  • Unit Height – 24cm
  • Weight – 3.8kg
  • Fan Powered by 4x AA Batteries (Not Supplied)
  • Fuel Type – Charcoal (250g)


Tell Me More! 


What does it mean smokeless?

The smoke is consumed within the BBQ so it’s virtually smokeless, plus the charcoal is protected from food drips as it is contained in a holder in the centre of the unit, therefore preventing flare-ups whilst giving your food the charcoal taste.  


How long before it is ready to cook?

From switching on to cooking time is about 4 – 5 mins!


How many people can it cook for?

Easily fits food for 4 – 5 adults according to our friends who have test used the BBQ. But of course, that all depends on your portion sizes!


What are the batteries for?

The BBQ has a battery-powered fan which blows air directly onto the charcoal. This rapidly creates a high heat, essentially bypassing the smoking stage of charcoal.

The dial on the front of the BBQ is then to control the fan, so you can adjust the heat as you please. Keep it low for a slow sizzle or turn it up for a stronger charcoal taste in the cooking process without fuss.


Does the outer bowl get hot?

The BBQ has a double layer structure meaning the outer shell does not get hot and so charcoal can be filled in at any time as needed.