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Jaswill Plains

Levitating Moon Lamp | Floating Moon Lamp

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What you get:

  • This levitating moon lamp brings the wow factor and a stunning visual to your space with 3 colour brightness options. Our carefully designed moon lamp has detailed graphics and will float and calmly spin for hours on end.


Specification Detail:
+ Moon Size - 14cm
+ Moon Base - 13.4 x 13.4 x 2.8 cm
+ Base Colour - Dark Wood

+ Levitation / Floating Distance – 2cm
+ Moon Lamp Colour – Bright White, Off White, Yellow
+ Power type – Mains supply


How does it float?

The moon lamp uses two opposing magnetic forces to suspend and float in the air. Power is transferred from the base to the moon via magnetic induction.


Can the moon lamp float without being connected to power?

No. In order for the levitation/floating technology to work, the power cord must be plugged in and switched on.


How long does it take to set up?

Like all our products we have tested the moon lamp many times. The first time will feel slightly awkward and may need a little patience. However, we expect it to take you around 90 seconds to 2 mins to get the balance right.


Will the moon break if the power is suddenly turned off?

No. The moon is designed to safely drop onto the base. Once the power is back on, simply rebalance the moon and let it float again.