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  • Jaswill Plains LED speaker lamp
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Jaswill Plains

Dimmable Lamp Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charger

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Stylish multi-functional lamp with Bluetooth speaker and charger. This will fit effortlessly in your bedroom or home office. With 3 colour brightness settings controlled by touch and a lighting arch that rotates 270 degrees – this is a lamp built for all tastes and needs.

β€’ Integrated LED Lamp – 3 colour brightness settings controlled by touching the top of the arch. 30% dim warm light, 70% medium warm light and 100% high warm light.

β€’ Lighting Arch – The arch can be rotated up to 270 degrees, allowing you to set up lighting to match your needs. As a bonus, you can rest your mobile phone vertically or horizontally against the arch as you view your favourite show.

β€’ Integrated 10W Speakers – Provides an impressive sound quality experience allowing you to listen to your favourite music, podcast or show.

β€’ Wireless Charging – Simply place your wireless charging enabled phone on the top of the lamp to charge it. If your smartphone or device does not support wireless charging, you can alternatively charge it via the built-in USB port.

β€’ Portable – It comes with a built-in 5000mAh battery rechargeable battery allowing you to take the table around the house with you wherever you are. The battery allows up to 8 hours continuous music playback.

Specification Detail
+ Bluetooth – 5.0
+ Speakers – 10W
+ Lamp Weight – 500g
+ Battery and Charging – 5000 mAh (4-hour full charge)
+ Battery Life – About 10 hours depending on music and charging usage
+ Power Cable Length – 80cm

Self-Assembly Difficulty – Easy, plug and play